PCF of Fos

STM Business (subsidiary of STM)

STM Entreprise, management of the PCF (ex PEC/PIF) of Fos-sur-Mer

Following STEF's announcement to stop managing the PEC / PIF (Community Entry Point / Border Inspection Point) of Fos-sur-Mer after twelve years of operation, STM applied to the call for tenders launched by the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM) in the summer of 2017. The only candidate, STM was selected by GPMM, and officially took over the operation of the site from November 2 2017.

Being a non-profit professional organization, the STM had to create a company, called STM Entreprise (STME), to ensure the effective management of the building. The goal of the STM being to ensure the best possible service by maintaining a competitive control tariff, the Presidency of STM Entreprise is assumed on a voluntary basis by the President of the STM, and the financial and administrative management has been ensured by a work-study student from 2017 to 2023. During 2023, Marc Gourio, in charge of the phyto/veto commission of the STM, took over the management of STME.

The Border Control Post (PCF), bringing together the PEC and BIP, is a structure allowing veterinary or phytosanitary controls on imports:
• products of animal origin and live animals,
• animal feed of non-animal origin,
• plants and plant products.

STM Entreprise is responsible for the operation, management and upkeep of the site, as well as the maintenance of the facilities. To carry out these various missions, STM Entreprise collects a passage fee, applicable either by container, for phytosanitary checks, or by bill of lading, for veterinary checks. As a service company, STM Entreprise is in permanent discussion with the GPMM, the State health control services, and the customers of the site, members or not of the STM.
STM Entreprise has been working to improve the fluidity of the supply chain, by participating for several years in meetings on the Single Border Control Point (PUCF) at the Prefecture.