Board members

Board members

Board Members

A team of 19 administrators, business leaders, agency managers and department heads from international groups, medium and small businesses specializing in international transport

Stéphane Salvetat, Co-President (Centrimex)

Delphine Chouin, Co-Presidente (Herport)

Xavier Lassalle, Vice-President (Transcausse)

Yann Balagny, Vice-President (Bolloré Logistics)

Philippe Haddad, Vice-President (Centre Imex)

Denis Liotta, Vice-President (Mediaco Vrac)

Céline Niox, Vice-President (PSA BDP)

Jean Beaulieu, General Secretary (LTM)

Patricia Bardet, Treasurer (Vectorys)

Virginie Bendjema, member of the board (Primever International)

Denis Carles, member of the board (FMI)

Stéphane Dalia, member of the board (Dalia Agence Douanes Services), head of the STM customs commission

Marc Gourio, invited to the board (GPM Logistique Med, STM Entreprise), head of the STM sanitary controls commission

Corine Jeanblanc, member of the board (HBI)

Marie Lançon, member of the board (Prolog)

Frédéric Mercier, member of the board (Mathez Freight), head of the STM air freight commission

Pierre-Marie Romette, member of the board (Heppner)

Didier Sigrist, member of the board (MD Sigrist)

Joris Staes, member of the board (Eurofret)

Hubert Yvrard, member of the board (Sealogis Freight Forwarding)