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The Primever Network, developed by the SATAR group, specialises in transport and logistics, with a core business in the Fruit & Vegetable sector. It brings together the expertise of the Satar, Transcosatal, Primever and Guidez (59) groups. A strategy of external growth carried out since 2015 has made it possible to consolidate a first-rate territorial network by integrating several transport companies anchored in the different production and consumption basins: Inter légumes (01) Blancher (30), Marcot (47), Estiven Els (37).


In Ile de France, the network has set up a partnership with ITD transport and with Mesguen transport (29) in Brittany.


Our business: organising the transport and logistics of Fruit & Vegetables under controlled temperature and general industrial goods under ambient temperature. At the heart of each region, our transport network is a privileged partner capable of intervening in the entire logistics chain for our shippers and distributors.


Address : 410 Allée Jean Perrin Z.A LAVALDUC 13270 Fos Sur Mer France