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Thanks to a rigorous and rational management of their supply chain, GONDRAND agencies group together the flow of goods and develop regular lines at international level.
To do this, we call on competent staff who use appropriate technical means to optimise the delivery plan for the freight entrusted to us. In addition, the modernisation of our fleet of vehicles and the training of our drivers in responsible ecological behaviour, contribute to reducing the negative impact of our activity on our environment.

A public limited company created in 1866.

Share capital: €9.9 million.
74 Gondrand branches and subsidiaries (including 57 in France), more than 1,000 employees, a network of agents on all continents.

The GONDRAND transport company accompanies you all over the world...
The power of a large group combined with the flexibility and responsiveness of a SME, offering a complete range of services in the field of transport and logistics.